Parents:  the 30inch head is the most common purchase with the 18in heads for family and friends to wave.   

Please Read the sections below! - DETAILS to sign up for FREE session are there and what to expect


You may choose from:

  • Big Head with the digital file to share captured by Carey Lynn (preferred)
  • Big Head without the digital file to share captured by Carey Lynn
  • Use your own image for a small fee


Show your spirit with a Big-Head sign! These signs are perfect for sports events such as football games, cheer events, and many more.

Made from 4mm coroplast (yard sign material) these are weather proof.


Note: sizes under 24 inch will have the handle cut out of Coroplast.


Want to use your own image for a party or event?  Using your own image is absolutely an option, however we have certain criteria in order to create the Big Head size.  Please contact about your image to check.


To submit your own pictures, please use our GoogleForm

Big-Heads Signs and Files

  • Pickup Starting  May 14th

    • Image and Order must be complete by April 20th

    Pickup Starting Wednesday 25th

    • Image and Order must be complete by May 5th 

    Big Head Images: 

    • HART ONLU: Use your Spring or Fall Picture (note picture number in name field)
    • Capture a FREE image with me
    • Send in an alternate image

    Micro Session Signup:  signup here 

    • 5 minute slots and we capture a selection of poses for you to choose from. I also have a fun “Class of 2030” sign that is super cute for the Big Head.
    • If they are in an activity or sport and you can bring them in full uniform / costume with gear. This way you can show your spirt throughout the summer too!
    • We love FRIENDS and Siblings.. each session can hold up to 3 so bring them along.
    • Mom/Dad... come prepared to jump in for a picture at the end.  And feel free to snag a headshot while you are there!  no obligations for purchases.
    • All session confirmations will be emailed from me directly the day before your session to ensure latest and greatest information.

    Currently slots open for May 7th Delivery. Slots for May 23rd will open April 23rd.

    To submit your OWN image, use Google Form

    • Highest resolution possible or you will experience poor image quality
    • Can accept JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF (most any)
    • Image should be a straight on face with body. Try to avoid missing arms and other family across
    • Remember to order the "Own" image Big Head. This small fee covers the additional editing required.

    Any questions please contact.

  • Images must be of high enough quality for us to enlarge.  If you are sending images, please send to and you can send jpg, png, psd, and pdf. Please ensure file size and pixel.  If the file is over 8mg, please upload to a file share such as google/drive or dropbox.


    If I have captured your person during the last years and you would like to use one of those pictures, please let me know :-)