Take your present to the next level with these unique and fun acrylic puzzles of real art! 


With various dificulties, sizes and artists to choose from, you pick everything and we create the magic!


All Puzzle prices include your choice from one of artists images and a package to keep the puzzle in.   (note: more art choices being uploaded soon!)


Want to use your own art? or your childrens art? Select custom art and let us show off your work!

Acrylic ART Puzzles

  • Landscape Paintings: These beautiful oil paintings are created by David Zarate on 16x20 canvases (some available for sale). After a lifetime of owning and working for sign companies, when Covid hit, he started watching Bob Ross videos on how to paint. As you can see from his work, he has moved impressively far in a short time. 


    Flower Portraits: Pam McGraw is an award winning photographer for her beautiful creations with flowers.  With each new image she captures and shows the beauty of each flower.