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All the pictures are in the linked gallery. These are high resolution images to use and share. Feel free to download, favorite and share.

Raise money for the Lovejoy Foundation
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We all need headshots now to share on social media, forums and with friends.  Support the Lovejoy Foundation while updating yours!

It only takes 5 minutes

Everyone is constantly running to take care our families, their lives, and our work, and once in a while yourself.  With this in mind, we created our micro sessions. These sessions are only 5 minutes of your time and we can capture a bunch of gorgeous images for you to choose from.


Sessions can be booked anytime in the next 6 months!


What's the catch?

No Catch. You pay the $25 session fee, which we donate 100% to Lovejoy Foundation.  Then after your session, you will get an online gallery to order from.  Customers typically spend between $50 - $150.

Want to do your whole family or best friends? 

Easy, sign up for multiple sessions back-to-back.  When you do this, we will include some fun paired poses to choose from too.

Session may be booked 6 months from purchase. 

(can't make that, no worries, let us know. We got you!)

Don't worry, we will update you!

  • We will send out quarterly updates on availability.

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